Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Art of Aloofness

Its been a while since I have written anything here.  Life has ever since moved on.  The realms are all real, the unwanted advice of people still around somewhere me, I am still surrounded by the mundane and the pretentious - boring pepple doing their THING.  Yet I have discovered happiness.  I have learnt that everything has an answer.

I discovered today why my religion, which incidently I was thinking of losing till yesterday, is so critical of Hinduism - the majority thought process in my country.  That isn't so bad afterall, don't they say that good things come from the brink of disaster, if you don't lose your battle against it. 

Death never likes being cheated.  I defied it 8 years back, jumped across two buildings on the 15th floor a distance of some 6 ft with gravity pulling you down.  And ofcourse haven't told anyone about this to anyone either. Still shiver when I think of what I did back then even as I write it now.  Afterall I didn't do my death defying stunt for some personal gain, I did it because I thought it needed to be done, I needed to feel strong within myself.  Do you realise that it is probably more important to feel strong than be strong, though I don't deny that I d take both if I could.  Gone from strength to strength since then, but death has followed each activity that I have done ever since. 

Do I not relate to anyone or is it just Death that pulls me away from everyone - personal relationship, job, everything, except for one relation that transcends it all.  I know I am lonely in the conventional sense yet I am happy.  I have foresaken all my friends and even my blood relations.  Either sought their forgiveness for my transgressions or have forgiven everyone in my life.  Hope all of them move on now away from me.  Forgive me for even assuming that I had any right on them.  I am but a traveller finding more happiness in my journey than my destination.

I am Happy in my remoteness.


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