Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Flight of Fancy

So How open are you ?
Do you even know what it is to be open and honest ?
Do you realise how we influence each others life ?
I am firm believer in the sphere of influence.  I believe my friend and if you believe in me, we shall form a group of people who by the influence of their pure and meaningful thought set new patterns of life.  Life as we know it is just a delusion, uncontrollable and out of control as we saw yesterday.  Control my friend, is when life is no longer a string of illusions, but real and within our grasps to shape as we please.  Dream on 'Red' as I am called in a closed coterie, and I shall dream on. 

I dream of a world where there is no discrimination based on the clothes we wear and the hair style we sport or the beard 'read goatee we keep.  It is a uni-world where your sex doesn't affect peoples outlook towards you, and as Utopian a concept as it may sound, there is only the thought of love and a firm acceptance in my head that tells other people "Use Me".  For if my friends can't use me for their benefits then no one else has any rights on my life.  "Use Me" because I want to be used by you my friend. I was a lost soul a few years back, and I used you to get back on my feet.  I will not be at rest till you have assigned a process in your life to my name.

Could I be a mariner who discovered West Indies or the pilot who touched the outer extremities of the atmosphere.  Could I for example, win the noble prize for peace one day.  I dream of the pot of gold at the end of rainbow.  I dream of a friend who would leave a trail for me to follow to the pot of gold where he would wait for me on a beach chair.  The last few years have not been easy, they have been a fight with life every morning, sporting a bandanna and my naturally free flowing beard, my mind has called for freedom.  The birds that fly in the sky are freer than even the most powerful person on earth, because they fly to a rhythm divine, a path set forth by the forces of nature, so very much in their elements that even in the eventuality of death it seems to be a natural consequence of that path.  Oh Lord set me free from the pain and suffering for I desire to fly with them birds.
I was born free and I struggle everyday so I can die a free man.


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