Tuesday, 12 June 2012

My King of Kings

Speaking of [Prime Ministers], there are a host of candidates to choose from.  There is the prince Rahul Gandhi, theres also the new prince Akhilesh Yadav and then there is the Old man of Bengal, Pranab Mukherjee.  I tend to believe that voting is a very compulsive exercise in India, we can vote based on the ideologies but we hardly do, as a matter of fact, the educated well to-do Indian is not too interested in voting, as they tend to believe that whatever the outcome it will not affect them.  After all, if one has a big pocket, then there is the Diesel Generator for the power cuts, and submersible pump for the water shortage.  If there is a security issue then hire some personal security guards, so much so, when the swine flu epidemic hit us, there was a segment of the population that horded the medicine not waiting for a solution from National Health Service.

I wonder, if it does make more sense to run a parallel government wherein we pay taxes to the people who actually will provide us electricity, water and security.  For instance, let these well to do personalities who have no fear of the government, start out-sourcing their services to other people in their region.  We would then find a section in the local yellow pages for the A-Governance or Alternate Governance.  The theme could go as follows :

                                     Classified Avertisement
                                     Clients sought by A-Governance firm
                                      for internal governance

                                      available for outsourcing

So how would A-Governance be defined -  it is an outrising of a serious and urgent need to bring responsibility to governance.  Internally and externally, there has to be a set of well defined objectives.  If any governance functions within those objectives it is then accepted by the citizens or clients.  On the contrary, the current governance in the country is [unacceptable] and therefore like mobile number portability, that is the ability to shift your mobile service provider without changing your number, a citizen must have a choice of shiting his or her governance model without changing their existing address.

Government today has become unlawful and immoral in its action.  With five years required for any government to go out, a interim arrangement of A-Governance would step in to solve the issue.  So what are the premises of A-Governance, below appears a 10 point charter :

1. A rational legal framework.
2. Sound internal Governance.
3. [Total Autonomy].
4. Governance Portability clause.
5. The constitution of a board, responsible to public interest.
6. Internally [responsible] to its citizens and externally function within the framework of the erstwhile existing elected O-government 'read Old Government.
7.  A-Governance to imbibe its values and morals within itself as also to its citizens.
8.  Also introduce common moral standards, supervise their implementation, and serve as an important force to develop industry culture and self-discipline.
9. Donors, beneficiaries, collaborators, media, the general public, independent auditors and the government all need to be involved in the management of A-Governance.
10.  Finally, it is necessary to set up a mechanism of extensive participation of citizens.

Why must we restrict ourself to a form of government that doesn't serve our purpose, that is self centric and unresponsive.  Citizens have a right to Alternate-Governance if the existing tenets fail to deliver what is required.
Any form of Monopoly breeds corruption, the [Gods] of the Land must be [crazy].


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