Friday, 1 June 2012

The Art of Happiness

I think I have mentioned in this blog before that I am a morning person and get up normally in a happy disposition.  The growth rate is down, the economy has taken a beating, the job market is about but on its knees and the manufacturing sector hasn't fared too well either.  Yet every morning I wake up happy and blissful, continue to my journey of fighting life everyday and return home mostly a happy person.  Happiness for me is the sum total of my experiences.  My good memories are highlighted each day as the bad one get buried by them. I have loads of good memories and most of them relate to my childhood, do you think our childhood truly defines what we become ?  Otherwise I just can't fathom why am I happy ?

I have been talking and talking to friends for days now on this.  Grouchiness finds no place in my life right now.  Family is alright too, yet my inate honesty, and that is my honesty to myself betrays me with my family.  I find myself lying to them and hiding things from them.  I don't regret anything, not the reason which made me lie or hide something but the fact that I was not better able to hide it better.  Ofcourse and that does not make me happy so I just go about hiding it from them better.  I will tell you what makes me happy, its the thought of listening to a fiery speech, the thought of emotions rising high in my head, the dream that I have of being a winner is what takes precedence over everything else.  Did I say that when I left my last company there were atleast a three to four people that suggested that I was a misfit in the company.  I fought it for all of two months, me a misfit was a never never. Till I realised that what was being said might be correct after all.  Ofcourse i would be misfit amongst people with corrupted morals, people with dual standards.  And that is precisely what makes me angry, while I may have revelled in the company of these so called rich men with their fancy toys, they had this influence of corrupting me.  So, you may ask, how do we stop them from taking over our consciousness and even influencing our sub consciousness.  And thats a revelation that came to me today like a lightening in my head.  We do that by becoming them for a brief moment, by following their path and in that brief moment killing them and their ideas, subverting their system by infusing fresh ideas of idealism and revolution.  This thought really makes me very happy.  I have rediscovered the art of being happy.


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