Thursday, 27 March 2014

All The Best - Efficiency and Excellence

All The Best – Efficiency and Excellence

You Were So Good To Me

She calmly sat in the car as I drove her to the house, she kept talking about something and I wasn’t listening, the Chief’s vote had been in our favour and of course, she had forgotten that she had shouted at me.

It had taken a while to calm myself down, “Seeing her true colours?” my mind had snapped back at me, and I had told myself to calm down, I had seen this before so why was it hurting me so much today, I drove the Dodge V8 slowly while she spoke of what we would do now, maybe eat and get to the house again. 

I was the chaperone I knew that, my role was all figured out
until today, then it had dawned on me that I was nothing to her.  I had side stepped questions from her friends in the city council building and had walked out, seeing from the corner of my eye Chief’s approval only.  

I ran around the back soon as we got home, looked around for my bag and started packing clear in my head that it was time to get back to where I had come from; truth had been made abundantly clear to me, leaving me in doubt what my next step was going to be.

“Aren’t you going to be making some dinner,” she shouted from the living room, I quietly left the house and walked on to the stream that flowed close to the house, there was a cluster of trees where I usually sat down to smoke.  I sat there and waited for a sign, ten minutes turned to fifteen before this old man appeared out of the background, he wore a thick robe, it was cold, he was smoking a cigar with a Stetson on his head, I wasn’t sure about the gun running laws here but I think I spotted a holster around his belly.

“You waiting,” he asked, I just nodded my head and pointed to the stream, “Fishing then?” he said with a grimace, “It isn’t allowed here.”
“Yes sir,” I said melancholically, no peace today here either, “Goodnight boy,” he said as I walked away.  I took the long route home and reached at 11pm, late enough to avoid her.  Next morning I sold my Dodge V8 and took the train home.

                                    “I Just haven’t met You Yet.”

Taming the Shrew

I have been hearing a lot of talk about why should we change equipment to get Solar installed, shouldn’t solar work for our existing equipment?

A few interesting points here:
1.     Solar will work for the existing equipment
2.     It will work as efficiently as your grid does for the equipment
3.     Savings on the Grid are magnified when converted to Solar
4.     Grid and Solar are both electricity

What constitutes an energy efficient system is the Energy Star Rating, so let’s break it up, bird by bird, stone by stone, to the top 5 in each category:

Ceiling Fans



Computer Monitor

More on how these efficiencies affect the electricity that we pay for later on, for today I think I could rest my case.
                  “I got The Blues Tonight and The Rhythm is Awesome”