Sunday, 2 March 2014

When It All Comes Out

When It All Comes Out


“I was in Chicago two months back,” I spoke to Sailovi, and she was a friend now, that’s where I had met this supplier, he was out on a visit to a trade fair from the Government Exchange Policy.  Sailovi was happy to listen to me, but I wanted her to talk, I was very interested in what had happened in her life, from the poverished upbringing to the debates in school.

“These pigs keep me busy these days, and people come in and ask me to show the best,” she said seriously, “Everybody wants the best but not all of them have the money, so what we do is bring a range of products, classify them as Class A, Class B and Class C.” She had begun to talk about her pricing model, I was still on my second drink, this was an open town, she and Vibeikho were still discussing this person who wanted to buy the best quality pig, “Maybe we should give him what he wants, if he understands us,” she said, and I was sitting there and listening to her talk, she had been in business for shade over 3 months but knew it well.

My mind was made up, it was a beautiful night, the stars were shining and I had a bottle of whisky and a few new friends, all the makings of a well rehearsed move. 
In Chicago, I had been in love with this beautiful young lady who though from Georgia was here on work, she took her time and then one day asked me to walk her to the central park.  “A beautiful town this,” I spoke happily, joining her step by step.  We spent an hour in the park, when the bombshell had been dropped on me, she was a married woman.  What was I to do but tell her that she was the unfaithful here, “Allison H Mcree, You had led me on knowing.”
             “I was in love with a woman with a ring on her finger”

The Mean Map to Freedom

Sailovi was suave confident and a very smart women  Sailovi Chenkual and Group,  and she knew that work was what would uplift her from her worries.
On her advice I walked down to the farm that lay on the outskirts of Aizawl, it was owned by Huka Sumi and being referred by Sailovi, I was immediately welcomed into the farm, I had a cup of tea with them and then analysed its loads requirement.

Load Analysis
CF Lights = 204 W x 4 hrs x 7 days a week/7 days in a Week

                  =816 Avg Wh/day
Well Pump = 1560W x 0.25hrs x 7 days a week/7 Days in a week
                   =390 avg Wh/day
15 L Nature Mills 
composting Machine= 100 W x 12 hrs x 7 days a week/7 days in a week

                   = 1200 avg Wh/day
Air Compressor = 2000 W x 0.42 hrs x 7 days a week/7 days in a week
                           = 840 avg Wh/day
Total = 3.2 avg Wh/day
By the evening I was done and the specifications came out as follows :
1.       Battery : 1000 Total System AH
2.      Array : 1455 W peak array
          Charge Controller : 2 no. 1500 W max controller
4.         Inverter : 4000 W/120 VAC

Sailovi Chenkual was happy to receive me when I landed back from the farm at 8pm, I had finally worked it out, a PIG FARM would require a funding of about 1.5 Million, partly public funded and partly own funds.

“There Is Always Something You Can Do When Your Last Dollar Is Gone.”