Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Chief's Vote - Bubble Wrap Windows

Chief’s Vote – Bubble Wrap Windows

Gentle Overtures

Deanna and I had been sitting at the city council, Reno, waiting for this one vote that would allow us to change the schedule of construction to include a little bit of more area towards the forest.  We had been here waiting for over two hours and the business was being conducted as usual before our name was called.  Another hour of friendly jibing, answering questions and displaying photographs of the site, it all came down to one final vote.

Deanna was the most fantastic dancer I had come across and 
and be it on the wooden floors of her living room, jiving to the alternative rock or the Moonlighting bars in the town where they played Joe Crookston like Jack Daniel and coke, her fame had preceded her.  
“This was the best mistake we made,” she said panting as we climbed another few feet, it was cloudy and misty, and we were still a long way from the peak.

“Remember, the final vote, did you thank   Chief?” I asked her. 
The Red Indian population was only a meagre 2 percent in this town but Chief’s vote had turned everything in our favor.
“Yea, wasn’t he the best man in our deal.”
“Like baked beans and coffee eh? I asked happy now.
“And in he rode with his horse,” she screamed from a few feet behind.
“Then, in rode the sheriff and said “Git,” I said laughing out loud, “ and he scampered and scurried off the broken trail.”

We both were laughing as the sun broke through the clouds, it had been a fabulous outing, the kinds that your mind breaks  the freedom barrier for.  I was sweating and my mind had nothing in my head but a blankness that comes from tiredness.  We sat on the top of the green that had opened up, to sip coffee and eat  sandwiches.

“It had taken its time coming, this one vote.”

Bubble Wrap and a Double Back

Interestingly, before you start to put Solar Equipment in any house, it becomes important to understand the heat retaining capabilities of the house, in the winters when the cold wave kept hammering on Deanna’s house, it was kept at bay by adequately protecting the windows with bubble wrap insulation.  We had done this
this one cold winter and had taken us all but 4 hour to accomplish it.

Insulating Windows
Generically speaking, Bubble Wrap comes in 3 varieties: Small/Medium and Large, I particularly prefer the large variety as it traps the cold air much better, also the large one look very nice as they don’t block the view as much as the small Bubble Wrap does.

Installation Technique

1- Cut the Bubble Wrap to the size of the window pane
2--   Spray a film of water and glycerine mix and then stick the bubble wrap onto the windows, bubble side facing the glass pane
3- You Can also use a double back tape for messy installations
4-  Install in Fall and take off in Spring
5- This method can be used for years as long as the compromised view doesn’t affect your visage.
6-  Bubble Wrap Life about 5 years. 

Installation Pictures