Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Look At Me - Physical Design Of A Solar Power System

Look For Me

The Willow and the Pine

Vibeikho was unusually pensive today, he and Sailovi had been talking non-stop for 2 days now, they were trying to bring back their love story of years back, they would stand under a tree in front of the garage every evening and talk while people passed on the road, and I just sat there listening to their tunes in the garage, as words filtered in through the air, just a segment here and another there.  One particular, that really interested me was the part where she spoke to him about how she missed those days when he wouldn’t come and meet her, said, “He was too busy working,” and trying to get a future in place.  He had gone away from Aizawl for a few days and that’s when she realised how much she loved him. 

“I feel like doing those days again,” Vibeikho said relentlessly, “those were carefree days far from the tension and responsibility of now.”
“This one is coming back,” she said as she saw Rose Nang walk past their small property.  She was pretty and a darling, though given the right inclination she could turn a man into a putty with her anger.  Slowly and surely, and I peeped out of the garage window, Rose had walked up to them, “What you two up to these days, the whole towns talking about you.”

Vibeikho had kept quiet and Rose started talking to Sailovi, as he stared at the garage, Vibeikho had waved back at me and Rose asked, “Who is that man?”  Friend of ours from far off land, they had replied playfully and Rose was interested, maybe just a little curious.  The town had seen me in their house and knew I kept to myself except for talking to my hosts and Sailovi had mentioned, “You are so tense, maybe
you need to fall in love,” and I looked at her quizzically, “Allison was a married woman remember, Rosie is free,” she had replied.

          “These Days I Get to See the Dawn of the Day Every day.”

Sharing a True Story

Work was beckoning slowly and surely every day, I sat this morning having breakfast alone in this dwelling and thinking to myself maybe I need to go work a little slow, take my time with this product that I was dreaming up.  So I went back to the board and stared at the technical drawing I had created for the product, it looked nice but then what was unique about it ?  I stared a wee bit more and then crushed the papers and threw them into the dustbin.
I sat down and started to work again, it was time to stop reminiscing and start looking at the future, quickly with a pencil in hand, I drew an analogy of a Solar System within a Solar Energy System on the large drawing sheets.  I wrote down the concepts on the right side, penned down the specifications and started to draw.  Some of these drawings I will represent further on this blog, needless to say the analogy was to re-create from nature, the Sun as the epicentre of our existence with the nine planets revolving around it.
Marketing such a system would face an obstacle in the pricing model, but it would find people who related to this concept.  It was useful idea to have a project with like minded people since the whole concept didn’t need to be understood from start.  Below I reproduce a drawing for a typical Solar Power System, this I will modify to get a true understanding of how a Solar Power System would work within the sphere of the above postulates:

But more on this in my later posts, till when we will just stick with Sailovi and help her pick more funds for her pig farm.

             If Every Day Was A Sunday, I Would Miss My Mondays”