Sunday, 16 March 2014

Stay Calm, I m Walking - Solar Lights II

Stay Calm, I m Walking – Solar Lights II

Pick Up That Loose Ball
 When I take you on a ride,
Hang on to it with your life,

For I believe what sets
must come up the next morning

My son, I believe you are the one
who will take this bandwagon on the shores of glory

Trojan I have seen many
purpose they solve and methods they use
Only us today know where Cleopatra is
I will get her once my karma is done

She was there sitting right there with me, and I was dreaming of a girlfriend I once had, Adrianna shook me out of my reverie and said, “Goals, do we have
certain business goals now to show how this business will progress,” I thought about David, my publisher, the book on Sales and Marketing was on its way, the projects seemed to be on track, the one’s that weren’t, especially the one on Solar Crowd funding, I had asked for a reprieve of another month, “I am sure I will achieve what I set out to achieve two years back, if that’s what you are asking.”

Adrianna sighed, “I pray for you every day, sometimes shake with fear.”  And she had felt my pain and sorrow that hid behind the calm veneer and the smiling face, “Your girl friend, she doesn’t know what she is missing out on.”
“And you do?” I pried mischievously, I could be with her what I couldn’t be with my girl friend or boyfriends, myself.
“No!” she said sternly and then smiled to herself, “and what if I said yes to that question?”
“It would make you my true love,” and I knew I spoke the truth, the words though spoken with hints of jest were to hide what I felt for my best friend today.

Her friendship was more important than any other thought today, I was totally clear in my head, and this relationship was precisely perfect where it stood today, peaceful, serene like the great lakes and wilful enough to thaw even the coldest days.

              “As my dreams turn to reality, I will never forget you friend.”

LED Bedroom Project –LED Lights II

Kitchen project over, I decided to apply the same concept to the Guest Bedroom.  Similar lighting,  Phillips 240V 50Hz, Tornado 11W CFLs to LED , the room is a 20ft x 20ft room
with 13ft high mountings on which the 5 CFL lamps glow.
There really are three choices of lamps, the incandescent bulb, CFL and LED, the LED tops as the most environment friendly in terms of its energy impact though when it comes to waste disposal, CFL is slightly less harmful than the LED.  The average lifecycle of a lamp, be it Incandescent bulb, CFL or LED is about 20 Million Lumen hours.  This figure includes the energy required during actual use, packaging, transportation and disposal.

The LED, since it’s a new technology, has an uncertainty attached to the figures relating to packaging, some figures state it to be at about 0.10% of energy consumptions while other figures state it to be around 27%.

Aesthetically speaking, the LED is much more a beautiful piece than the CFL, which is nothing but a twisted tube.  In any case once I had replaced the CFLs in the bedroom, it looked startlingly clean and beautiful, and the 13ft height seemed to be perfectly matched to the light it threw on the painting on the wall.

           “The Border Story Is Here And They Won’t Find Me.”