Monday, 10 March 2014

Inverter Intermediates - 11

Inverter Intermediate – 11

Wasn’t The Summer Here

It was a hot summer evening and memories of the cold winters were passing by, it had been cold winter, almost like Gods Eyes had suddenly turned cold on me, and it had rained in March, a month when the summer heat sets in.  In Mid-April, Adrianna questioned me on a topic that I wasn’t sure how I was to answer,

“What if You Are Going Steady with someone and want to find
out if he or she is cheating on you?”
“Do you suppose that is hypothetical?” I answered knowing full well that I was deeply in love and cynical, was she suggesting that I was being unfaithful to my girlfriend or was she just questioning her own thoughts on him.
“Seriously, I would want to find out right, and I am saying I have a way to do that.”

These were prophetic words, I had been going steady and the thoughts had troubled me, the what if in the equation always leaves us baffled, when it happens that is.  I had been on Cloud 9 in my relations and ecstasy was the only way to describe it.  What scared me was the thought that it would all go away, this thing that I hold so precious, I could hear my mind screaming at me, “You are a million miles away from reality,” Adrianna always got me back to ground she had this influence on my thoughts, I thought of the times when she had told me point blank and blunt, “That woman from your past, she doesn’t do you any good.”

Adrianna and I shared a relation that was endless and would stand the toils of time, we weren’t girlfriend and boyfriend and yet we knew what to say to each other exactly when it had to be told.  Time had it when I had missed her enough to think of dying and she had made up for all those times, by giving herself up my thoughts and patterns till there was no doubt left in my mind that what we shared was more precious than couples did.
It was going to be a great 2014, we would go from one milestone to another, with or without money, the easy banter and the lively talk would hold us good for another year till we had enough money between us to build a business together.

                       “There isn’t no better thing to do in life than talk.”

You Talk Too Much

So here I was sitting with the group in Bengal and discussing their project, I was working full time for Milaap, and had been assigned a target of 100K in 45 days, I had to get to work and fast, seemed like the person who was overloaded with work would always be the one who would get more work.  I had the website I was working on, in fact three of them, design, coding and graphics, apart from this there was the Devdaasi Project #HopeProject, that would come to an end in another 10 days, I have three Social Media Projects I was handling for #FreshEnergyCo and now out of somewhere have the Crowdfunding project #Crowdistrict.

So here was the plan, I would write and promote the new project which was placed on two domains, I was going to be writing for, check it out. With so much of data in my head, I started to think of the Inverter, the basics were clear and I had to get this post on Inverter Intermediate out as soon as possible.

I Am Alive

AC Output Power
First match the AC output power of PV array to that of an inverter.  A PV arrays STC power rating gives an idea of the minimum size of inverter.
For instance a 5kW PV array will need an inverter with about a 5kW power output.
It might be possible to undersize the inverter by 10% to 20% if the climate is warmer sea level climate, so effectively a 4 to 4.5kW inverter for a 5kW array.  In colder climates the inverter may have to be oversized to avoid power clipping

DC Voltage Input Window
This is the voltage that the inverter will accept from the PV array and this will never cross over 600 VDC. Here again oversizing and undersizing play a huge part

       “There’s Work Here, Get into the Solar Tractor Now”