Thursday, 20 March 2014

Lakers "The Magic"

Lakers “The Magic”

Wish You Were Here

I was thinking as I waited for her at the bus stop, "like the rest them were here just waiting huh ?," we were all lost in our thoughts thinking of stories to tell back home or just thinking of our life of today, some were even talking to strangers to get over the boredom,"and damn that makes us talk," I was just thinking of Anjela as I waited for her.  I had met Anjela some months back and liked her, "to like a woman, that was rare
nowadays," I hardly met women I liked, she was vivacious and talkative and I had to convince her to believe in what I believed, she wouldn't take my word for it.  I on the other hand was married and bored, "aren't we all when we are married," I looked forward to my interactions with her, they relieved my boredom, I was even thinking of getting romantically involved with her, "sex was on my mind."

I was still thinking these pretty thoughts when she walked into sight carrying an umbrella to ward of the rain, she looked smart and beautiful as usual, I loved the sight of her walking, slow walk with all the right moves, she was tall this girl and knew how to carry herself, "she reminded me of the camel," a long distance runner and a fighter to the core.  All her life she had fought adversities, "and none better for it," she smiled as she walked up to me.  She sat next to me under the awning of the bus stop.  It was late and raining and I knew she had something to tell me and as usual she was direct, "I want to get married to you." I sat there stunned,"did I hear this right ?" or were my ears playing tricks, was it the rain, "normally I am a sane person and takes a lot to stun me," she said it again, "I want to get married to you." 

"I am dying," were her next words, stunned into silence

I didn't know what to say, what did she mean, "married", "dying", what was going on here.  "I am dying and I want to marry you before I die," she said forming a fully coherent sentence finally.  I looked at her and my tears began to flow, I suddenly realised that the first thing she had said to me didn't mean a thing to me, but the second, "the dying part if you still didn't get it," had me in a watery grave, "analogies be damned," I didn't want her to go anywhere than planet Earth, she had to stay with me, talk to me for the rest of my life, "or so I believed," but obviously life had other ideas, "it didn't like me happy," I hadn't even asked her what she was dying of, "it seemed so inconsequential," the monumental fatalistic statement she had made so matter of fact, seemed to suggest she had thought this one out and I was ready to listen to more.

So if she was dying, would I want to marry her, this life was barely ticking, all thoughts of its endlessness had been dismissed in the first five minutes of our conversation, I was still crying and through the haze of tears, the answer came to me, "this damn procrastinator," had found an answer within five minutes of the conversation.  I would marry her, the rest of my life was consigned to "the waiting room," so inconsequential and wasteful that I couldn't think of it as productive.  I was stunned out of thoughts, she was shaking my arm, "So will you, do you love me ?"

The feeling of imminent or actual loss is more powerful than one of possession.”

Design for Lakers “The Magic”

Solar Design for Lakers “LA Magic”, the pole mounted AC system for Remote Regions with no or little grid power.

Total Watts = 150W
Total Watt hrs = 150Wx 6 hrs a day x 7 Days a Week / 7 Days in a Week =900WHrs/day

Battery Design

Step I
Find the inverter efficiency which in this case is 0.9

900 /0.9Inv Eff = 1000 Wh/day
Step II
Calculate the ampere-hour/day, remember  watts = Volts x Amps

1000 Wh/day / 24 DC system Volts =45 avg    AH/day
Step III
Use the above figure to find the System AH which will generate the battery specs

45 x 1.11 battery temp multiplier x 1days    autonomy /0.5 DOD
= 100 total system AH

Step IV
100 total AH / 40 Ah individual battery    capacity = 3 batteries in parallel
24 V system voltage / 12v 2V mono block battery voltage = 2 batteries in series
3 parallel strings x 2 batteries in series = 6 batteries

Array Design
Step I
Get that formula (Remember BODMAS - Brackets open Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction):
150 Wh daily load / 4.6 peak sun hours /0.8 battery eff /0.88 temp losses / 0.9 shading coefficient / 0.85 system derate
= 65W peak array

Step II
Find the no. of modules needed :
65/37 W STC@12V = 2 modules
24V Nominal Array Volts/12 Nominal module volts = 2 modules / string
1 string total
West Bengal is forlorn and dark, the evenings fall early and grid power is virtually non existent in the rural areas.  Work and Education suffer and there is an absolute standstill after the dusk or even well before that, my group was suffering lonely lightless evenings and just then something struck me as unusual, they were being doled out Solar Lanterns when an AC system could well serve the purpose of having the longevity and also maintenance freedom.

I presented to them Lakers “The Magic”