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The Appointment - Angle of the Sun

The Appointment – Angle of the Sun

Got a Light

There had been a confrontation at the doctors, I had entered the cabin with a headache that wouldn’t go away, he was a tall guy, slim and with a very amiable antiseptic demeanour, he wore specs that rode on his nose whenever he started to speak and wore a suit and tie.  I hadn’t shaven in two days, this dull throb hadn’t gone away even after I had popped in some Aspirin, which was my regular course of action.

It had all begun a week back, I had been playing rugby in the army field with a few soldiers and had been knocked down on the 5 yard line by a large guy with smirk on his face
and after bulldozing me over he had made beeline straight for the pits, “Good Job,” the coach had praised him, and I had realised that they had been tracking me on the field, I was a good runner and they had spotted a threat immediately.

After that fall there had been a dull pain in my head, the sought that is constant enough to be noticeable and two days into it, I had gone to the hospital to meet Dr Ryan.  The appointment had been fixed the previous day by Deanna and I had taken a train to the city hall and then walked over from the station to the government hospital.

Under his amiable veneer there was a shrewd mind, it taken me half hour into the conversation to realise that he had during this time been scribbling notes to cut my personality down into pieces.  I pieced up everything he had told me when he suddenly stopped me midway into my sentence and said, “You have to stop your cigarettes.”  I stared at him and started to tell him a story about my youth when Deanna and I had handled a couple of packs a day.

“These cigarettes do you no good, Mr Murphy,” he repeated with an ominous pause.
“Mind if I smoke?” I asked him, instantly angry, I hated ominously loaded statements.
“No,” he responded stunned.
I picked out one from the pack in my front pocket, I could see the traffic in the window behind him, it was a ground floor clinic and it was humming. 
“You know what I do with people who give me bad advice,” I asked softly, my mind had receded into a shell to keep the anger at bay.
I had leant forward and blown a blast on his face, he had started to cough, “Mr Murphy, please leave,” his voice was raspy with the thick smoke on his face.
I had calmly got up with my file and walked out, repeating over my shoulder, “I am not going to pay for this advice.”

            “Sooner or Later, Respect becomes a Two Way Street.”

Angle of the Light

As a first step towards a DIY Solar Power System for your house, identify as shown in the diagram

 To measure the angle of the Sun in different seasons, here the steps you need to follow:

    1. Begin by identifying a small in height object which is easily accessible, like a pole.
    2.Measure the height of the pole in daylight (a)
    3. Measure the height of the shadow (b)
    4.Remember the shadow will vary according to the time of day
    5.Next divide  a/b as shown in the diagram below
6.     This will give you the tangent
7.     Use trigonometry to get the angle or use a scientific calculator

Compare the angle of the Sun during different seasons of
the year to get an accurate idea of what angle the panels should be place.  This angle will vary from the Longest Day of the Year, also called the Summer Solstice to the Shortest day of the year, called the Winter Solstice to the day when the day and night are equal in number of hours, called the Equinox.

The above measurements are all part of the preparation to installing a Solar PV system in your house to generate electricity.

We have handled all points in the  Table as above and as is obvious the other points are easy to handle, to get the yearly temperature use a standard thermometer year round to plot a graph.

                    All Experiments Begin with Empirical Thought”