Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ear for Words - Collectors Loop

Ear for Words – Collectors Loop

Open Them Floodgates

It had been a rough day in Reno, we had worked out a lot of stuff today, we had been shopping, picked up some clothes and I was loving this feel of having bought a book to work out the technicalities of the Solar part, it was technical book and as I sat in my rucksack that night and begun to read, there chapters on Solar Water Heating, starting from Gravity Feed to All Seasons Systems, there were systems that had a mixture of glycerine in them to keep the freezing away.  The book was getting better and better when Deanna called me over to look at the moon which was brightly lit for a winter night.

The chief had been sure,”I know I have made the right decision,” and this had been despite the opposition from a section of the council.  The thing about US was that these meetings were held under camera, I had never seen this anywhere, funnily enough he looked very handsome, the chief, he had long hair and was tall about 6’4” and was dressed up moderately.

I had this ear for words and I was beginning to like even his prophetic statements, these normally were my bane but coming from him they sounded just right, there were ominous warnings of climate change, the “The Killing Fields of Great Glaciers” and “the Mighty Wave in the Ocean” – they were almost biblical and fascinating.

It was this ear for word that caught his fancy and over two days  we spent talking about lifestyles, cultures and politics in US, it wasn’t as if we had whole days but even half to one hour with him was enough, Deanna started getting angry at me, “That is good PR, however we have to think of other members here,” she had shouted at me with her friends looking up in glee,
“I'll keep that in my mind,” I had replied back, not knowing, that in 2012, this skill would actually get me to a Public Relations assignment.

There had been a wild flurry of activity at the door  when the Chief had voted for us, there was crowd there, probably Deanna’s friends, all stunned as much as Deanna was, she had thought I was chatting up the Chief for Solar, until he had voted for us.  Chief was as stoic as ever with only a faint hint on his upturned lips, and a twinkle in his eyes when he had looked at me.  It was obviously going to be a fine summer in Reno now, but I was going to head home, I was sure.

“Systems Are Never Wrong, It’s the Logic behind Them”

The Glazed Collector

Swimming Pool Heaters are different from normal Solar Water Heaters, in the sense that since the water that needs to be heated is larger in volume the Collectors need to be cheaper build and though they are numerous DIY kits that cut the cost by almost 1/4th, in this post I look at the Glazed Solar Collector water heating.

A Solar water heating system is made up of Solar Collectors and a solar tank with the required plumbing.  A pool is a large water body that is exposed to the ambient temperature, every minute of exposure cools down the temperature especially in the night.

The glazed collectors are special collectors that do not have a glass covering on top of them, just a glazing that focuses sunlight on to the fins and tubes under them so that the water passing through them heats up because of the Sun Light.

The pool heater is a collection of:

1.     Glazed Collectors
2.     Plumbing pipes in the range of 20-25mm
3.     An assortment of Non Return Valves
4.     A vacuum breaker
5.     By Pass valves
6.     Pump

The water goes from collector to collector while it gets heated up to the required temperature and is fed back into the pool while the cold water is pulled away from the pool by a pump.  NRV (Non Return Valves) and BPV (By Pass Valves) are used to configure the stream of water to and fro from the pool.

                      “The Community Collector Loop Phenomenon”