Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Light Of The Sun - Inverter Basics

The Light Of The Sun – Inverter Basics

The Light That Guides

Two days had passed and she was waking up just for this feel, the feel of knowing that all was well in her life, using one’s glib was useless because in this town there were more strangers now than friends.  I had told her that I had a flight on Sunday back home and strange as it may sound, she was pensive and unsure suddenly.
“So am I,” I said when the night fell around us, “I have found a home here and going back makes me unhappy.”
Sunday, I took the flight back, spent two days and realised how much I missed the sleepy town of Aizawl, curiously I was back there on Wednesday, there was nothing holding me back, family was gone and so were friends, there was blessed work that kept me going and Aizawl was freedom from the sorrow of the past.
“Did you miss Allison  when you went out of her life ?” both of them asked Wednesday night over dinner, the story had them really curious.  I got up and walked past the doorway, with them following, into the forest that lined the periphery, “You tell me,” too proud to express what I had felt then – Let Down.
“I think you are a very strong man, emotional and free,” he said unsurely, something had changed in their minds after that night I left.  She was sure what she had got into when she had met me at #Milaap office,”He is weak, I can tell anyone, just a big show off and proud.”
This woman who I had met two months back knew me better than my own my family – this was family now.  Vibeikho had already begun calling me brother, my own brother didn’t know where I was, but the three days I had been away, I had received two calls a day from this couple, this was my life today, untouched by the past and raring to go.
             Clean, I had wiped the slate the day I had landed in Aizawl.

The Power To Invert
                                                          The best Inverter is the one that can be modularized without affecting the cost.

I had been working on the Inverter for some time and reading, which had become quite a habit with me, had got me to this journal that said, that the Micro Inverters were the way forward.  They are these tiny microchips that can be attached to each panel to invert the voltage, funnily, to understand them, the historical past of a regular inverter is important.

What Does it Invert?
This device inverts the polarity of the input device, typically the battery in an RE system, causing an inversion of the current.  So what happens when the DC from the Battery or PV panel is fed into the inverter ?  This device which is the brain behind all RE systems, pulls the current into alternating waveforms causing troughs and valleys of the current waveform, if we tracked it, to give us AC of 120V or 240V as may be applicable.

What is the Purpose of an Inverter?
This one is simple to answer, household appliances are mostly AC and the Inverter makes the output from the Sun feasible for household use.  DC equipment  exists and as a matter of fact one of my favourite projects in India is that of creation of a Solar Entrepreneur who will start the business by selling DC Solar Electricity to the underprivileged poor.   

The Poor Want To Buy and The Rich Want Subsidies
I daresay, that given the state of affairs in third world countries,it is no mean feat that we have started to convince the poor, that an Inverter-less system is best suited for their needs.  Think of an inverter-less system as a parallel reality that requires one to no longer go into integrating the two forms of currents, it comes with its own set of equipment, be it lights or fans, in fact in the West, there exist some large Defrosters that are run on DC.
The Solar Entrepreneur project which starts in September of 2014, the planning stages are being iterated through currently and a model of understanding is being reached with the Customer and the Entrepreneur, requires Infrastructure and Monetary Support for the Entrepreneur, who in probability will come from the same background as the buyer.  I will divulge details of this more later on once I have the report that we are making to create the financials and budgets for the project.  This project too will require funding of the #crowdfunding variety and am already on the project.

                             “A Trail, I Just Hit A Huge One.”