Friday, 21 March 2014

Cabin Of Caligari - Website Design II

Cabin Of Caligari

Wish You Were Here

This thought was overwhelming me and I had to find a way to resolve it, with little or no money and a love life as large as the biggest hearted Romeo, it was no wonder that I need to resolve some things in my life.  The first thing to do was to find my place in this world,  I had been disoriented off  late but the last two months had placed my mind at ease.

Deanna troubled by my run of thoughts had suggested a mind
therapy, she knew I was apt to sleep only 2 hours in the night, “I think that’s what has kept you alive,” she mentioned without thinking, she and I had a history that went back years back, we had travelled from the war torn town of Beirut to USA together in 2006.

“Remember, 4 years back when we had met, on “The Cabin of Caligari” you were a young kid still looking for funding.”
Beirut in those days was war torn and bore the brunt and scars of missiles and bombs that had ripped the city apart.  It was rumoured that the Baader Meinhof Gang was involved, there were also voices of Mossad having pulled a few international strings, and for all of us international travellers it had turned to a nightmare.

Finally aboard “The Cabin of  Caligari” everybody was beginning to relax, there was a whiff of red wine and the gallery was abuzz with loud noises of cooking.
“Captain, look aft,” screamed the first officer from the top deck and we had all seen a white flag hosted ship slowly labouring to the harbour.  It was “The Midnight,” and everybody knew that they had been turned back from Greece, the weather and the pirates had made it impossible for them to progress further.  The battle was far from over for “The Cabin of Caligari.”

Deana was beautiful and calm, and she suggested, “We need to work together, I think that will ease your pressure a tad,” I was beginning to like this feel of working alone and I wasn’t sure she would want to be involved in the projects that I was working on, they were intense, required time and lot of focus without deviating from the main them.  Life Hacking came easy to me now and I knew I would continue doing it for the rest of my life.

                       “There is Art In Almost Everything I do”

Music for the Soul

Website Design is about art and art comes from the soul, so I decided this was going to be a special post, I had got a domain booked and was ready with the directory structure as shown below :

It took me two hours to work it out, once done, I was ready for placing the graphics and code into their respective directories, but more on that later, today just the directories because that is where we always begin.

                       “I Was There I Saw It and I Heard You.”