Thursday, 13 March 2014

Life of Inverter 111

Life of Inverter 111

The Sun Will Illuminate
It had rained the previous day and it had got colder and this morning there was a bright Sun to take the streams and droplets for evaluation to the heavens above, Adrianna sighed as we zipped past the Highway 580 around Livermore on Colley Canyon Road, there was a traffic jam, seemed like a tree had fallen down and blocking the highway.  We were on way camping, it was a great Tuesday morning, the weather hitting a pleasant 41 deg F, all in a great day for an outing.

“She walked out of your life didn’t she?” Adrianna asked staring
at the scenery.
I was so busy driving I almost didn’t hear her, “You only know what happened when you start to analyse,” and I had analysed it, there was a hint of adultery and that was enough for me to understand what had happened while I was busy starry eyed  thinking of a future with her.
“It all happens for the best,” she smiled sympathetically and didn’t question me any further.  I was thankful, it hurt but it’s better to know,  than to live in dark. 

I was hitting a steady 60 mph on this highway and the Dodge was still raring to go, it was smooth and the mood heavenly, it felt free to be on the highway away from the city.  The clouds yesterday had been dense and it had rained throughout the night, the pitter patter had kept me awake while I had tapped on the keyboard myself, my writings were beginning to show for themselves, they stood out as works of art more than the technology that I wrote for.  It occurred to me that there always was a love story if you looked for it, David, my publisher was beginning to make more sense to me, the book was closer to reality than it had ever been.
“Keep track of everything you have written, every single piece, every note and every thought,” he had said slowly chewing on his Vegan Sandwich, “I like this Sandwich, do you think they bake their bread every day.”

        “Keep That Fire Burning Every day, This Is The Way Of The World.” 

I Am Yours Baby
The Group in Bengal wanted Solar DC Home Lighting systems and I was out to convince them that they were much better off with inverter based systems, I had already given them the pricing for the DC HLS.

Burnel or Castlewood
A brief history of inverters is in order to understand what it takes to manufacture a good quality efficient one :
Low Frequency Square Wave Inverters
Highly inefficient though are very rugged and suited for the rough environment, but cannot be tied to the grid because of their rough square wave output.  These use 120 HZ switching transformers to convert DC to a Low Voltage AC and then a low frequency transformer to convert it to the required 120 VAC or 240 VAC.
These inverters are heavy and large in size but also rugged and reliable.
These are very useful for RVs and Cabin based system that do not require AC for regular appliances etc

High Frequency Square Wave Inverters
More efficient than the Low Frequency Square Wave Inverters and the Circuit includes transistors switching at 20 Khz and a High Voltage transformer to generate the required high voltage AC.  Then it is rectified to an intermediate VDC of 200 - 400 VDC stored in a set of capacitors.  Then another set of low frequencies transistors switching at 120 HZ convert it to low voltage AC at 120 V or 240 V to get the modified square waveform from this high DC voltage.

                   “Keep the Current Down and the Voltage High, It’s Shocking"