Sunday, 9 March 2014

Inverters - Silence Is Golden

Inverters – Silence Is Golden

In This Post

We look at the overall Solar Design, this includes a design diagram and a theory around how inverters should work. If you remember we had worked on the Solar Panels and Batteries for a Solar Tractor.  The prototype is a Mahindra 15HP tractor, which means an approximately 12kW design.

The Design

This design is a courtesy a friend of mine,  Kay Keeney  from Virginia, she is a web master and very dear friend, the design and drawing are her my birthday present that falls on the 10th March.  I was talking to her yesterday, “So what are you looking for,” and I said, “Something that brings the viewer and the client to their feet.”

“There’s always a love story,” she smiled when she said that and my mind snapped back at me,”Does she knows how much I would love to work with her ?” she just smiled again as if she understood what I was saying.

 “There’s Always a Fire Burning Somewhere, You Always Go For It”